Our Mission

To assist in alleviating the plight of the underprivileged children in the Zimbabwean community through enthusiastic service.

Our Vision

To become a youth organisation recognised both nationally and internationally, as one which puts the basic needs of children first, and one which has a positive impact in ably assisting children realise their goals through its active and innovative participation.

Our Objectives

  1. To aid in transforming communities by inspiring people throughout Zimbabwe to open their hearts, accept and include disadvantaged children and thereby any child who is perceived as different.
  2. Raise funds to assist underprivileged children in accessing basic amenities, nutrition, and support them to access appropriate education.
  3. As an organisation, to visit children in institutions, such as orphanages, based in local communities on a regular basis and spend time with them and help them feel cared for and loved.
  4. Raise awareness through mediums such as social platforms to highlight the current living conditions of children in child care institutions in the Zimbabwean community.

Purpose & Goals

The Do it for the Kids Organisation shall exist to both educate and garner support from the Zimbabwean community and the world at large on issues and needs relating to the condition of underprivileged children around the country, and specifically relating these issues to the work of raising the brand of philanthropy and more importantly service for the glory of God.

Is DIFTK a real organisation

Yes, DIFTK is a real non-profit organisation that is registered as a Provincial Youth Association in the Advocacy, Education and Training with the Zimbabwe Youth Council as of 1 July 2016.

In The Media

Snippets of the moments where the media has both acknowledged and supported the work of Do It For The Kids!

Our Team


Co-founder, President.

Terry Nesu Kandiado

Currently doing articles with an accounting firm, I still cannot fathom why it is that I have been so blessed as I have been thus far, for it is definitely through no deed of my own. Consequently, I do it for the kids not because I’m a good person, but because it’s the very least I could do to support my less fortunate brothers and sisters who did not choose to be in the challenging circumstances they find themselves entangled in.


Co-founder, PRO.

Joseph M. Moyo

“I believe one of the greatest glories of being human is the ability to more than just feel, but show love and compassion for your fellow man. I do it for the kids because it has become a part of my life’s work.”


Co-founder, Secretary.

Kundai AJ Zvomuya

“Despite the negative portrayal of my beloved Zimbabwe in main-stream media, I remain a proud citizen. Both driven and goal oriented, I am currently a medical student pursuing my conviction to be of service wherever the Lord may place me in life so I may be a blessing to someone. Hence, I do it for the kids because I do my utmost best to seize the opportunities where I may be of service to others.”


Co-founder, Vice-President.

Dominic Mazvimavi

“I’ve been extremely privileged because I grew up in a free and conducive environment, where I could aspire to become anything imaginable. One of my greatest desires is to give my less fortunate brothers and sisters hope, to believe they can achieve whatever they dream of, and become whoever they yearn to be because we have alleviated some of the problems they face which are preventing them from doing so.”


Committee member.

Matikomborera Nyamadzi

“I do it for the kids because I remember being a child once too, and I too had things I could not do for myself, and at times I too just wanted someone older’s attention. So it’s as simple as that, if it would pain me as a child, I should be able to do something about it as an adult. And this is why you, should do it for the kids, because before you got older you were a child too. :)”


Committee member

Iyanai Pfukwa

"I do it for the kids to help them discover their potential and creativity as they grow. In building and nurturing their skills, they become ready for the world helping them build their future today."