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Teens fundraise for orphans

Viola Mzungwanana

Visting childen’s homes countless times has given one Joseph Moyo and his friends an idea on how to start fundraising for children’s homes.

“We usually visit orphanages with my friends and what moved us was what we encountered recently. It was a really cold day and most of the kids there were barefooted. The sight was painful,” said Moyo. Moyo and his teen friends call their new organisation, “Do It For The Kids”, and the passionate teens are holding a colour festival on Friday at Hartsfield Rugby grounds as a way of fundraising for the orphanage. The teens who will be fundraising for children aged between 1 and 14 years old said that at the entrance, children or elders who are willing can pay whatever they can afford to offer.

“At the entrance, we are appealing for donations, it can be cash whichever amount an individual can afford. It can be clothes or anything that might be helpful to the children,” said Moyo.

The event which will mainly involve paint fights, sport events and a variety of other activities like jumping castles might be a family affair for the weekend. The teens will be selling refreshments.
“We are really hoping to get people who will make it possible for us to paint smiles on those poor kids. We also got funding from our friend who is in Australia so we organise our set-up at Hartsfield,” added Moyo.

The 19-year-old said they met as a team, went online and searched for ideas on how to fundraise.

The paint colouring festival appealed to them. “We were undecided on how we would fundraise for the kids, so we went online and we all agreed on the paint colouring idea, and I can guarantee that it be fun,” added Moyo.

Credit to B-metro

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