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Who are the leading faces of DIFTK?

Our team is comprised of phenomenal leaders who provide the organisation with sound governance, fiduciary and strategic oversight and direction. Each member of the team is dedicated to the growth and effectiveness of DIFTK. 



Mvuselelo Huni

Trustee & Non-Executive Director

She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) with 14 years of experience with the organisation. She is passionate about uplifting the situations of communities in Zimbabwe, seeing people reach their full potential and live lives of dignity and productivity. She believes working with ORAP and her partners has given her an amazing opportunity to hone her skills in all these areas, and she looks forward to having opportunities to do more of this, and expand her horizons in the future. She is an
advisor and board member of a number of organisations and companies in Zimbabwe including the Community Foundation for the Western Region of Zimbabwe, and Petra
College. She is honoured to serve as the Zimbabwe Partners’ Representative for Danish Church Aid. She holds a Masters Degree in Gender and Policy Studies with Great Zimbabwe University, a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Gender Studies and Environmental & Geographical Science, as well as a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Social Development, both from the University of Cape Town.

Terry-Nesu Kandiado

Co-Founder & Executive Director

TN is an independent business consultant with over 6 years experience in audit, assurance, and managerial accounting. He is an alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), and McKinsey & Company Forward Programme. He is a member of the Global Shapers Community, Bulawayo Hub, and also a past president of the Chartered Accountants Students Society (CASS). With over
10 years of continuous service in various roles, he is an avid volunteer, and is passionate about people development, & effective altruism. His moniker is "The African Apologist" due to his keen interest in matters of faith.


Kundai Zvomuya

Co-Founder & Senior Director

He is a recently qualified medical doctor, with a passion for serving God and people. Kundai is an Erasmus Scholar alumni who believes in providing equal opportunities to children so that they grow into a healthy, God led future. During his time in medical school at the University of Zimbabwe, he had the privilege of serving as the Christian Medical Fellowship Zimbabwe Chairperson, a position he believes he attained a lot of transferable skills which
ultimately help him better serve DIFTK.


Abigail Nyasha Hunda

Social Media Manager

She is a creative and passionate organic influence writer. Having graduated in arts in Media Studies with a focus on reporting children's issues, she is also an entrepreneur who produces environment-friendly health and skin products. Her love for community service dates back to 2011, where she began volunteering at Entembeni then teaching children how to make fast foods at an out catering Motorbike racing events outside Steyn City, South Africa.

She further engaged with children's welfare by doing painting and gardening projects with students at UWC Kamhlaba, providing daycare services, as well as volunteering in Piggs Peak, Swaziland. Having been exposed to different cultures in different countries, Abigail has acquired extensive experience that helps her work well with children. Her creative mind comes in handy as she imparts skills and knowledge on the children she works with. Her mission is to continue making a positive impact with the aim of becoming a champion for the children’s welfare.

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