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Do you share our passion to do it for the kids for the glory of God while delivering hope? Learn what it takes to be a DIFTKer!

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of DIFTK, and through it we are able to deliver hope, whilst developing service-oriented leaders. DIFTK volunteers are phenomenal men and women who choose to step up and take positive action towards a better world for children.

Terry Nesu Kandiado

"I still cannot fathom why it is that I have been blessed thus far, for it is definitely through no deed of my own. Consequently, I do it for the kids not because I'm a good person, but because it's the very least I could do to support my less fortunate brothers and sisters who did not choose to be in the challenging circumstances they find themselves entangled in."


Members are passionate and committed individuals who constitute the general membership and executive of the respective chapters. They commit themselves to a higher degree of service by not only making themselves more available to serve a minimum number of monthly hours, but by paying a nominal subscription to assist the organisation, and chapter with the costs of operational overheads, and chapter expenses respectively.


Similar to members, volunteers are valuable community changemakers. For varying reasons, they are unable to commit to become members, and therefore serve with the organisation on an irregular basis. They are welcome to financially support the organisation, but are not obliged to.


Bernadette Njekeya

2023 Bulawayo 
Chapter Immediate Past President


Michael Nyirongo

2023 Bulawayo 
Chapter President

Monalisa Chingono 

2023 Bulawayo 
Chapter Vice President-

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-17 at 18.38.44.jpeg

Fadzai Hokonya

2023 Bulawayo 
Chapter Vice President-
Public Relations Officer

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