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Delivering hope through reaching inaccessible areas.

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of DIFTK and through it we are able to deliver hope. Our goal to deliver hope to underprivileged children has led us to reaching areas such as Ngozi Mine, Mustard Seed Communities etc. Unfortunately, transport challenges often mean we cannot get around to places our help is needed and requested the most. To address this problem DIFTK is actively fundraising for a minibus to assist us efficiently deliver hope to children in need through service. 

GOAL: US$10,000.00

Time spent in transit volunteering for 5 hours.


Due to the sporadic nature of transport to locations like Ngozi Mine where we serve over half of a 5-hour volunteer trip is spent in transit between hiking and walking several kilometres to reach our project site. This robs us and the kids of valuable time together that could be utilised more productively.

100% of all proceeds to the cause.


DIFTK is privileged to be a 100% volunteer powered organisation. This means you can have confidence that your donation will achieve more than a 100% impact because it's selflessly fueled by the committed members and volunteers of the organisation to go the extra mile.

How 2 Support

Participate in Our Fundaising Projects.

With various fundraising projects such as car wash, merchandise sells etc., you can support by attending fundraising activities or purchasing merchandise.

Upcoming fundraising activities can be seen on events page.


A donation of any amount, in any currency, which goes directly into our DIFTK Trust ZWL or USD Nostro account if you donate via our verified merchant.

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